Cautions for Car Paint in Nursing

2019-07-09 17:27:47

Car paint is basically baking paint. Mainly in the car factory, frame, body welding and after the repair of the car body. Generally speaking, the first thing we need is primer. Then the white leather body is immersed in the paint tank, and the primer is taken out and dried. Then it is sent to the dust-free workshop. Then it is sprayed with electrostatic spraying technology, and finally dried at about 200 degrees. Some will be coated with varnish. So, what are the nursing skills and precautions of car paint? Next, let's take a look at it with Xiaobian.

1. The color matching technique of car repairing paint is mainly based on the manufacturing standard card of "spectral color". Then we can find out the color we need from the side of the color card. Of course, we can also match the color according to the standard coating sample provided by the user. The detailed steps in the side are as follows:

(1) Accurate color discrimination, the primary need is to color according to the color of the palette, and then distinguish the side "hue", "brightness" and "purity" under normal conditions, but also in accordance with this standard to confirm the main color, background color and other colors to be used and adjust the primary color.

(2) Proper selection of colors requires matching application principles of the type, variety, diluent and auxiliary materials of color coatings to select good and economical primary colors according to the requirements.

(3) Primarily adjust some styles and then do a lot of adjustments. Especially in the absence of color matching equipment bar, it is more necessary to first modulate a little style, after the accurate color mix, and then lay the foundation for many of its modulation reduction waste.

(4) The timing of the modulation steps and methods should be strictly in accordance with the principle of first priority and second order, from shallow to deep, and the timing of allocation should also be fully agitated and evenly mixed.

(5) When supplementary materials are added, the demand is based on the proportion to participate in each other's habitual varieties, especially in the distribution time, the demand is timely and appropriate participation and intermodulation is even. It should be noted that the toner is wet and the sample color is solid, so the requirement is slightly lighter than the sample after giving the paint a good tone, not too close, nor too deep. The demand is slightly lighter than the original color, so that when the paint is dry, it will have the same color, otherwise it will be too deep.