The Difference between Automotive Paint and Advertising Paint

2019-07-09 17:25:07

Advertising paint and car paint are often seen in our daily life, but the most we touch is estimated to be car paint, then what are the differences between them, let us know.

1. Because both of them are basically used in the field, they all use acrylic properties to resist yellowing paint. But there is no professional advertising paint manufacturer in China. They share the same appeal, so there is a large demand for advertising coatings in the market. The factory uses car paint as advertising paint.

2. Car paint masterbatch system is divided into single component 1K system and two component 2K system. The color is divided into pure color paint, pearl paint and silver paint. Auxiliaries are divided into primer, medium paint, topcoat and so on.

Car coatings use more metal coatings in car industry, namely pearl coatings and silver coatings. Metal coatings are more attractive as car finishing, while pure paints are less used. On the contrary, the advertising industry uses more pure paints and less pearl and silver paints.

The base material used in car industry is relatively simple, and the base material used in advertising industry is diversified. Therefore, it is not feasible to use car paint as an alternative to advertising paint. For example, if the acrylic board is painted, it is necessary to apply a special acrylic coating.